Hybrid Music System - Music Archive

I'm beginning to archive many of the AMPLE tracks I have and also AMPLE music tracks that have been recovered and archived by others.

Over time there will be other AMPLE discs made available here.

Assistive Technology

The BBC Micro had hundreds of devices which were designed to augment the ways in which users could interact with their computer.

These devices were aimed at the special needs education market and two of them are in the Retro-Kit collection allowing movement and touch to become ways in which users could interact with the BBC Micro.

About the Archive

This Hybrid Music System archive attempts to bring together a host of different sources into one place making it hopefully the definitive archive for the Hybrid Music System.

The archive is comprised of information I've collated from my own Hybrid Music System collection and other sites on the internet.


There have been many contributors to this archive, either directly or indirectly including but not limited to: