Hybrid Music 1000 Amplifier

The Hybrid Music 1000 Amplifier is a simple stereo amplifier designed to compliment the Hybrid Music System and fit in with the rest of the modules allowing the Music 3000 Expander and Music 5000 Synthesiser to be mixed together into a single stereo output for recording and playback.

Hybrid Music 1000 Amplifier

In September 2018, I acquired a second Hybrid Music 1000 Amplifier which I intend to document more thorougly but for now, here are some extra pics of a Music 1000 in its original polystyrene packaging which it seems it has remained in all its life!

The installation instructions came on a double sided A5 sheet of paper and were intended to be supplemental to the Music 5000 installation instructions.

You can see how the original poly packaging was simply a re-purposed Music 500/5000 poly with enough polystyrene removed to make the volume controls fit into the poly's.

Over the years, you can see how the UPVC power cable sheath has reacted with the polystyrene and effectively "melted" it so the cable is pressing into the poly's.

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