Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard

The Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard is a four octave keyboard that connects to the BBC Micro's User Port and is used to control the Hybrid Music 5000 Synthesiser.

The Hybrid 4000 Keyboard

The keyboard is fully polyphonic and greatly enhances the way in which the user can interact with the Music 5000 Synthesiser and software suite as it is "always on" so can be played regardless of the software's current context.

A detail shot of the Hybrid 4000 Keyboard

The keyboard also supports the use of a sustain pedal, the original has unfortunately been lost over the years however any generic sustain pedal can be attached to the keyboard using the 6.3mm socket and so I found a brand new pedal which suited the Music 4000 keyboard.

A new sustain pedal suitable for the Hybrid Music 4000

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