Commodore Amiga A1200

This is my one and only Amiga A1200 that I have owned from new. I originally owned an Amiga A500 which was traded in for a Commodore CDTV and then that was traded in for this Amiga A1200. The keys are beginning to yellow although the camera seems to make the yellowing worse than it appears in reality.

In the past, I upgraded this machine with a 172MB IBM 2.5" IDE HDD which is still fully functional but was recently replaced with a 2GB Compact Flash storage solution giving increased storage capacity and silent running.

Amiga A1200

Expansions inside this Amiga A1200

Other information

This is the Amiga that was used to develop many pieces of software including the highly rated AGA SlideShow Maker or AGASSM for short. AGASSM was reviewed in Amiga Shopper 62 in May 1996 and appeared on the Amiga Shopper 63 cover disks and the Amiga Format CD 2 in July 1996, the demo version was also reviewed in CU Amiga Issue 92 in October 1997.

Amiga Shopper awarded AGASSM a rating of 95% and their Star Buy award whereas CU Amiga awarded 4 stars out of 5.

Repair/Change History

  • The A1200 was purchased in November 1992 (the A1200 was launched on October 21st 1992)
  • In April 1993, the motherboard was exchanged whilst still under warranty due to audio and video distortion. (Most likely a dry joint or premature cap failure.)
  • In December of 1994, an IBM 172MB 2.5" internal IDE HDD was fitted. 
  • In December 1995, the Blizzard 1230 IV card was fitted with 4MB of RAM
  • In May 2006, a 50MHz PGA 68882 FPU was fitted to the Blizzard 1230 IV
  • In June 2011, the battery was replaced on the Blizzard 1230 IV and an 8MB SIMM was fitted.
  • Also in June 2011, the internal IDE drive was replaced with a passive IDE to Compact Flash adapter and a 2GB Compact Flash Card
  • In August 2011, the Kickstart 3.0 ROM chips were replaced with the Kickstart 3.1 ROM chips addressing minor bugs and allowing for future upgrades.
  • In September 2011, a Phase 5 Blizzard SCSI Kit was fitted with an additional 8MB of RAM.
  • In late September 2011 the two 8MB 72-pin SIMMS were replaced with 2 64MB 72-pin SIMMS increasing the memory to 2MB + 128MB
  • In April 2014 I finally got around to making and installing a PCMCIA fix to enable the Amiga to boot when the Ethernet card is installed.

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