Blizzard SCSI Kit IV for 1230-IV, 1240 and 1260 Accelerators

The Blizzard SCSI Kit was an optional Fast SCSI 2 DMA controller for the Blizzard 1230 MkIV, 1240 and 1260 processor cards and is capable of 7MB/s asynchronous and 10MB/s synchronous transfer speeds. 

The card was connected to the accelerator board by way of an edge connector and sat directly over the top of the main accelerator when re-fitted to the Amiga 1200 filling the space between the accelerator board and the base of the keyboard.

The card also adds an additional 72 pin SIMM socket which is able to accept a further 128MB of RAM, therefore enabling an Amiga 1200 to run with a maximum of 2MB Chip RAM and 256 MB Fast RAM.

The SCSI 2 interface is provided a DB25 female SCSI connector connected via a ribbon cable to the expansion card which is fitted to the expansion port at the back of the Amiga.

The Blizzard SCSI Kit IV for 1230, 1240 and 1260 Accelerator cards from Phase 5

Repair/Change History

When I acquired this card, the driver version of the SCSI Kit stored in the ROM situated in the PLCC socket was version 8.2. The most up to date version of the driver for the device is version 8.5 so the ROM chip was replaced with a new one that carried the 1230scsi.device v8.5 ROM image.

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