Amiga RGB to VGA adapter

The Amiga to VGA adapter allows the connection of a VGA capable monitor including LCD screens to a standard Amiga.

Using the standard monitor definitions provided as part of the Amiga Workbench, an AGA chipset based Amiga is capable of delivering usable screen resolutions of 640 by 480 pixels (non-interlaced) and 640 by 960 pixels (interlaced) in Multiscan Productivity modes and 640 by 400 (non-interlaced) and 640 by 800 (interlaced) in Euro72 modes.

Also, if you have a true multi-sync monitor that is capable of syncing down to 15KHz screen modes at 50 and 60Hz then this simple adapter allows the Amiga to play games in these lower resolution modes whilst still running Workbench in a higher resolution. I use this adapter with my Acorn AKF50 multisync for this very purpose and it works brilliantly.

The Amiga RGB to VGA adapter allows standard VGA monitors to be connected to the Amiga

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