Panda Discs - Discs for the Hybrid Music 5000

Panda Discs was a library of musical compositions collated into a collection under the Panda Discs "brand" for the Hybrid Music System, targetting the Hybrid Music 5000.

The collection featured issues containing compositions from various people or discs containing compositions by just one person. Many of the discs were released for for charity with all proceeds being donated to the nominated charity.

There were at least 16 "volumes" released, each volume being a disc and they are listed as follows:

Volume 1 - Monster Computations 1

Twenty pieces ofmusic. A fun disc that demonstrates the Music 5000 well.

Volume 2 - Phil Comber 1

A collection of quality popular music: some well-known items and some originals.

Volume 3 - Bernie Dawson 1

Five Genesis tracks + other pop items, including 2 tracks with synchronised words displayed on the screen. You can select for all the tracks to play in succession.

Volume 4 - Monster Computations 2

More exciting and occasionally daft music from the Monsters. The disc includes a witty suite of tunes inspired by the Dandy and the Beano (!).

Volume 5 - Paul Nuttall 1

This disc contains a complete Mozart Clarinet Concerto (7 large files), along with further music by Bach, Chris de Burgh and U2.

Volume 6 - Andy Knight 1

High quality pieces composed and programmed by Andy. Emphasis on strong melodies.

Volume 7 - David King 1

Well-known pop music including Crockett’s Theme, Voyage Voyage and Andrew Lloyd-Webber's “Unexpected Song", with popular and classical-style items composed by the programmer.


All profits go to this worthwhile charity. Twenty two tracks have been donated by AMPLE DCT contributors. It is hoped a second disc will be availablefrom July 1990. Contributions welcome.

Volume 9 - The Noige "Echoes"

An album of startling original modern music. The Noige is well-known to callers of Northern bulletin boards, and makes very good use of the Music 5000 sound range.

Volume 10 - Monster Computations 3 "The Nursery Song book"

Many funny songs here, ideal for children aged from 4 to 94 to sing along ‘with. Some tracks were played on the Music 4000 keyboard by Monsters only 6 and 8 years old! Great 30 track fun disc.

Volume 11 - Phil Comber "Deux"

Second Panda album by Phil. Lively tunes with plenty of melody and interesting instrument sounds.

Volume 12 - The Noige's "Moments in Time"

Another brilliant album from Nigel Scott. Good screen visuals go with the music.

Volume 13 - Bernie Dawson 2 Jean Michel Jarre Special

This disc contains extracts from Oxygene and Equinox. Also on the disc is the complete RENDEZVOUS suite.. including a laser harp playing on-screen while the music plays. An amazing new disc.

Volume 14 - Phil Comber 3 "Take a Bite"

Our latest disc contains several original tracks.. and a smattering of Pet Shop Boys. Phil intends to use some of these tracks as backing for a record demo: this is your chance for a preview!

Volume 15 - Children in Need 2 - Various Artists

The second various artists disc, released September 1990. Excellent music, games and graphics. All profit to CIN charity.

Volume 16 - Monster Computations 4

The latest disc from the Monsters includes graphics synchronised with the music. Very complex music. Great fun.

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