The Amplinex Music Collection for the Hybrid Music System

The AMPLe INformation EXchange or AMPLINEX was started in 1987 by Kevin Doyle and Roy Follett after merging Kevin's idea to have an Exchange service for AMPLE music files using floppy discs as the distribution method and Roy's idea to create an exchange with a self-printed magazine which would contain articles and program listings related to the Hybrid Music System. For more history about AMPLINEX and how it started, you can read the entire story as told by Kevin Doyle on his tumblr blog.

I'm making all of the discs available here so that there's a duplicate archive of them on the Internet. All of the files are available as 200KB single sided disk image files (.ssd) and are suitable for use with an emulator such as B-Em or they can be written to real floppy discs using a RetroClinic DataCentre or UPURS transfer system or they can be used with a suitable Gotek drive.

Full Archive

Download the entire AMPLINEX Archive (Discs 1 - 28)

Download the supplementary AMPLINEX discs

Individual AMPLINEX discs

AMPLINEX 01 - September 1987

AMPLINEX 02 - November 1987

AMPLINEX 03 - January 1988

AMPLINEX 04 - March 1988

AMPLINEX 05 - May 1988

AMPLINEX 06 - July 1988

AMPLINEX M06 - July 1988

AMPLINEX 07 - September 1988

AMPLINEX 08 - November  1988

AMPLINEX 09 - January 1989

AMPLINEX M09 - January 1989

AMPLINEX 10 - March 1989

AMPLINEX 11 - May 1989

AMPLINEX U11 - May 1989

AMPLINEX 12 - July 1989

AMPLINEX 13 - September 1989

AMPLINEX M13 - September 1989

AMPLINEX 14 - November 1989

AMPLINEX 15 - January 1990

AMPLINEX 16 - March 1990

Hybrid launches the Hybrid Music 3000 Expander

In 1990 the Hybrid Music 3000 Expander was launched and it didn't take long for several examples of arrangements that took advantage of the extra hardware to start appearing on the AMPLINEX discs. I've gone through every disc and noted which arrangements support the Hybrid Music 3000 so if you have one of these devices, you should be able to quickly locate and play the Hybrid Music 3000 compatible arrangements found on the AMPLINEX discs.

AMPLINEX 17 - May 1990

AMPLINEX 17 was the first issue to contain some arrangements that were compatible with the Hybrid Music 3000.

The first arrangement was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" by John Williams, arranged by Ian L Hubbard who went on to contribute several Music 3000 compatible arrangements for AMPLINEX.

The second arrangement was "Soft as diamond" by Michael Lefevre who also contributed several Music 3000 arrangements in the coming issues.

AMPLINEX 18 - July 1990

AMPLINEX 19 - September 1990

The arrangement of "What a Feeling" from the Flashdance soundtrack is Music 3000 compatible and arranged by W.T. Hyde.

AMPLINEX 20 - November 1990

Adeste Fideles arranged by  W.T. Hyde supports the Hybrid 3000

"Do It!" by Michael Lefevre is also Hybrid 3000 compatible on the AMPLINEX 20 issue.

AMPLINEX 21 - March 1991

Amoroso programmed by Bob Ord is Hybrid 3000 compatible

Black and White rag arranged by Ian L Hubbard in this issue is also Hybrid Music 3000 compatible.

AMPLINEX 22 - July 1991 

The AMPLINEX 22 disc contains a Hybrid Music 3000 enabled arrangement of the piece "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy" by Jeff Bennett.

AMPLINEX 23 - November 1991

The AMPLINEX 23 disc contains two Hybrid 3000 enabled arrangements called "Perpetual Canon" and "Somewhere"

AMPLINEX 24 - January 1992

AMPLINEX 25 - March 1992

The AMPLINEX 25 disc contains another Music 3000 enabled arrangement called "Solid Rock".

AMPLINEX 26 - May 1992

AMPLINEX disc issue 26 contains a Hybrid Music 3000 compatible arrangement of "Chariots of fire" by Vangelis.

AMPLINEX 27 - July 1992

AMPLINEX 28 - September 1992

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About the Archive

This Hybrid Music System archive attempts to bring together a host of different sources into one place making it hopefully the definitive archive for the Hybrid Music System.

The archive is comprised of information I've collated from my own Hybrid Music System collection and other sites on the internet.


There have been many contributors to this archive, either directly or indirectly including but not limited to: