i-Cubed EtherLAN 600 network card

The i-Cubed EtherLAN 600 is a 10 Base T Ethernet card that is designed to be installed in a RISC PC using the dedicated network port that is provided on the RiscPC's motherboard. Once installed, the card immediately appears as a podule and is ready to be configured using the !Internet suite.

The iCubed EtherLAN 600 NIC

As is common with most i-Cubed network cards, the on-board drivers provide support for a virtual Ethernet adapter which makes the card appear like two cards to the operating system.

Having the virtual NIC being available doesn't do much for the RiscPC until you fit a PC card like the CJE Micro's 5x86 PC Card. Once fitted, the virtual NIC can provide networking services to the "Windows PC" that lives within the RiscPC and both the RiscPC and Windows PC have their own dedicated network connections.

The slot on the rear of the RiscPC makes the network card part of the standard outputs of the machine once fitted rather than as a traditional full size podule in the slots above.

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