Watford Electronics Solderless 12 ROM board

In January 2011, I was having problems with some floppy discs but I didn't realise at the time and thought that it was the floppy disc controller which was an 8271 at the time. In the end, because I was tearing my hair out trying to debug the board, I sent my machine to Mark at RetroClinic and he confirmed that there was nothing wrong and it turned out I had a batch of 25 or so faulty floppy discs.... So, to turn what ended up being a wasted journey for my Beeb into something a little bit more interesting, I asked Mark to fit the 1770 controller and the ROM board which he did brilliantly! Mark also changed the heatsink for a much sleeker, modern replacement on the Video ULA that just looks great. It's Marks work on this Beeb that I've used as a template for my other Issue 7 machine.

Since my Beebs return I've added a few ROMs and a ZIF socket to ease the use of ROMs that I need to use on a temporary basis making life much easier and removing the need to "screwdriver" a ROM out of its socket.

The Watford Electronics Solderless 12 ROM board fitted to my BBC Micro

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