Simtec 8-bit IDE interface for Acorn A30x0

I have a Simtec 8-bit IDE interface that is fitted to my both my A3000 and A3010. They provide a single 44-pin header internally and a Centronics socket for external IDE devices. Currently I have a
2GB CF card installed and partitioned as four 512MB drives on both machines.

Simtec 8-bit IDE interface for Acorn A30x0

image courtesy of Simtec Electronics


The photo below shows the board fitted to my A3000. You can see the difference between the official Simtec photo and the earlier production version where the mount holes for different types are hard drives are staggered on the older model.

Simtec 8-bit IDE card with 2Gb compact flash

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Acorn BBC A3000

Acorn A3010

Simtec resources

Disc images containing the flash rom software, modules and partitioning tool !IDETool for the Simtec cards.

8-bit card

16-bit card

Simtec !SNAFU

Simtec still provide flash rom software to update these IDE cards using !SNAFU which is available for download from the Simtec site.