RTFM Joystick interface for the Archimedes

The RTFM Joystick interface for the Archimedes was a small expansion board that plugged into the Archimedes' Econet module sockets to provide two 9-pin joystick ports as Acorn computers were commonly designed without any joystick ports built into them leaving third parties to provide such features.

RTFM Joystick interface

Not only does the RTFM Joystick interface occupy the Econet port, it also occupies one expansion slot as well. In the A3000, where only one faceplate was provided which is used by the 8-bit podule, there was contention between the 8-bit podule and the interface making the joystick interface an awkward upgrade if either the Econet module or an 8-bit podule were already fitted. However, as the RTFM Joystick interface was aimed at the home market and specifically at users wishing to play games with a joystick, it was unlikely that the target market had an Econet module or 8-bit podule fitted.

RTFM Joystick interface - solder side and pins

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RTFM Joystick Interface

  • Driver software

This zip file is a SparkFS zip and is only suitable for RISC OS based computers that support Econet module expansions.

29th Mar 2018 - It's come to my attention that the archive had the !Extend virus in it. At the moment I have no access to my Archimedes machines so can't remove it. As soon as I can remove the virus, I'll re-post the software.