HCR Micron Plus 64K EPROM Programmer

The Micron Plus is powered independently of the BBC Micro and is controlled entirely by software allowing you to choose the type of EPROM and selecting the voltage automatically. If for some reason, the chip you've chosen requires a different voltage for programming (typically, more modern EPROMS use lower voltages) then the Micron Plus software allows for this.

The Micron 64K EPROM Programmer from HCR Electronics

The software for the programmer has several features and can program any EPROM chip that is suitable for insertion in a BBC Micro. You can even use the software to store BASIC applications on an EPROM although doing so does not carry all the benefits of building a full machine code ROM image. You can watch the HCR Micron Plus 64 in action in the video below as it burns a 4KB EPROM for my VELA.