IFEL ARM3/FPA processor for Acorn BBC A3000

The IFEL ARM3/FPA processor upgrade replaced the surface mounted ARM2 CPU which ran at 8MHz with a daughterboard mounted in a socket sporting an ARM3 CPU running at 25MHz. This helped the A3000 jump from @4.8 MIPS to @12.72 MIPS delivering a significant increase in performance.

Surface mounted ARM2 CPU in an A3000

At the top of the ARM3 daughter board upgrade, you can see the pins ready to accept an FPA10 daughterboard for the floating point co-processor. The FPA10 daughterboard was never manufactured and the ARM3/FPA board was re-designed to accommodate the FPA10 chip in a socket.

IFEL ARM3/FPA CPU upgrade for Acorn BBC A3000

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