ST/Amiga Format Issues

I bought my first copy of ST/Amiga Format from a small newsagents in Tintagel when I was on holiday with my parents in the summer of 1989. I didn't own an Amiga at that time but had a good friend that had just got an A500. 

Whilst I was on holiday I read the magazine from cover to cover and couldn't wait to get back home to try the disk in my friends Amiga. 

I continued buying ST/Amiga Format and then Amiga format until I got my own Amiga 500 in November of 1989. At which point I'd already amassed a few discs with which I could play!

Issue 12

ST/Amiga Format Issue 12

Issue 13

ST/Amiga Format Issue 13


Somewhere along the line, it appears I lost the issue 12 coverdisk and acquired the issue 11 disk. The issue 12 disk is likely to have been swapped with or borrowed by a friend.

ST/Amiga Format Cover disks - 11 and 13

Reproduction Coverdisk

As I mentioned, the ST/Amiga Format issue 12 coverdisk went missing a long while ago it seems. But, with the wonders of modern technology and a bit of Internet searching, a reproduction version can be fashioned in lieu of the real thing... The label is a little larger than the original but I've at least now to the disk to play with and it looks the part.

A reproduction of the ST Amiga Format issue 12 coverdisk

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