Amiga Format Supplements

Occasionally, the Amiga Format magazine came with a supplemental book or feature mini-magazine and I've listed all of those supplements below for each Amiga Format issue that I own .

Issue 15

Amiga Format Issue 15 Supplement

Issue 27

Amiga Format Issue 27 Supplement

Issue 30

Amiga Format Issue 30 Supplement

Issue 42

Amiga Format Issue 42 Supplement

Issue 45

Amiga Format Issue 45 Supplement

Issue 51

Amiga Format Issue 51 Supplement

Issue 54

Amiga Format Issue 54 Supplement

Issue 55

Amiga Format Issue 55 Supplement

Now this photo is a bit tricky. I know it came with my Amiga Format magazine due to the content but I don't know which issue it came with. I'm guessing that it was Issue 55 as that was the issue that had "Beneath a Steel Sky" on the Coverdisk.

Amiga Format Suppliement Issue 55 - Beneath a Steel Sky

Issue 65

Get into the Net With Your Amiga/Get into CD-ROM with your A1200

This book was a "dual" book in that it had two front covers. flipping the book over gave you access to one half or the other half of the book. Photo to follow.

Issue 76

Get the most out of your Amiga IV. Photo to follow.

Issue 77

Exploring REAL3D - REAL3D quick reference

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