Amiga Format Issues 1 to 12

Amiga Format was a British monthly magazine dedicated to all things Amiga. It was one of the better Amiga magazines that was produced and was in circulation from 1989 to 2000.

Amiga format originally started life as ST/Amiga Format of which thirteen editions were produced before the Atari ST and Amiga markets became mature enough that the magazines were split out into ST Format and Amiga Format. Being an avid Amiga fan, I bought ST/Amiga Format issues 12 and 13 and several Amiga Format issues before I actually got my first Amiga.

I'm surprised that these magazines have aged so well as they've been hauled all over my home town in my school bag as I used to take the magazines to school to drool over the screenshots and technology none of us had at the time.

Almost every issue had a small piece of text down the spine of the magazine binding and I've included them on the page where they exist.

So, without further ado, here are issues one to twelve.

Issue 1 - Shooting to the Top

Amiga Format Issue 1

Issue 2 - Visions of the Future

Amiga Format Issue 2

Issue 3 - Wired for sound

Amiga Format Issue 3

Issue 4 

Amiga Format Issue 4

Issue 5 - There is no alternative

Amiga Format Issue 5

Issue 6 - Surreal thing

Amiga Format Issue 6

Issue 7 - For your eyes only

Amiga Format Issue 7

Issue 8 - Videosyncrasy

Amiga Format Issue 8

Issue 9 - Mindfield

Amiga Format Issue 9

Issue 10 - Split decision

Amiga Format Issue 10

Issue 11 - Fractal vision

Amiga Format Issue 11

Issue 12 - The other magazine you can listen to

Issue 12 was the first and only Amiga Format magazine that carried an audio cassette as well as a disk. The cassette contained snippets of music, bass lines, drum beats and samples that were used to construct a piece of music which was provided in full on Side B of the cassette. The cassette was tied to the main article in the magazine that covered aspects of creating music using the Amiga but the music did not use any of the Amiga's sound capabilities. Instead, the music on the cassette was generated from some Yamaha MIDI based equipment that was controlled and sequenced using software on the Amiga. On the disk, a demo version of Quartet, another music sequencer was published that tied into the musical theme of the magazine but was not used in the production of the audio cassette.

Amiga Format Issue 12

Blockbusting Music from the Amiga - Side 1

Blockbusting Music from the Amiga - Side 2

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